- What do you think about Aluminum Interlocking Roofing?


Dear Shell,

I recently received a brochure from a metal (aluminum) roofing company. How do you rate metal roofs, good, better, best? My first thought is that they would be noisier than wood or asphalt.

Thanks, Ab

Dear Ab,

I don't recommend the aluminum interlocking type of roofing because they normally want to install them over the old roofing membrane. This method does not meet with my approval. Consider a best quality GAF Fibreglass Laminated Roof installed by a certified GAF applicator. Contact one of your local GAF approved roofing companies in Edmonton. For a list of GAF Approved installers in your area, you can visit the GAF website at www.gaf.com and click on “Residential Homeowner”, then click on “Find a Contractor”, then click on the Canadian Flag, enter Alberta and you will see a list of five approved installers in Edmonton.

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Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024