- Preparing a bedroom for repainting


Dear Shell,

We are repainting the bedroom of a house we just purchased. We are painting over strong shades of pink and painting one dark green wall. Home Depot recommended we use a primer, which we did. We then painted the wall with 2 coats of latex paint. After 3 weeks, we taped on the edges of that wall to paint the adjacent walls a different colour. We used Painter's Mate low tack tape, and removed it about 3 hours after we put it on. In some places, the tape peeled off the green paint from underneath it when it was removed. Was three weeks not long enough? How can we avoid this?

Thanks, Michelle

Dear Michelle,

To start with preparation of a painted wall is to give it a thorough washing using TSP or my Shell Busey Home Cleaning formula, and rinse well. Primer is not required. Apply 2 coats using a brush into the corners and then a 9-12 mm roller on flat surfaces. Allow 12 hours between coats. When using low tack tape apply with just enough pressure (no finger pressure) to ensure seal. Your problem was using latex over alkyd primer which allowed the paint to peel away.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024