- Re-roofing from cedar shingles to fiberglass shingles


Dear Shell,

We will be re-roofing our 1250sqft two bedroom rancher this summer. We will be changing from cedar shingle to duroid or fiberglass shingle. My question is, once the roof is stripped can I use an O.S.B. board over top of the 2x4 laths? Or should we use conventional plywood. The house is 13 years young with a roof pitch of 4/12. Shell could you please suggest some building materials and a good pennywise roofer. Thanks for your great shows and advice. Please continue to keep up the hopes of all us do-it yourselfers.

Thanks, Rick

Dear Rick,

Re-Sheathing your roof good, better, best my choice for the best would be plywood 2 nd choice OSB 7/16. After plywood is applied a 39 Roof Eave Starter for 1 st row then #15 asphalt felt over entire roof sheathing. Consider ridge venting along the length of the roof. Good, better, best roofing my choice would be 30 year or 40 year fiberglass reinforced duroid by Elk Roofing. In your area contact Penfolds Roofing @ 254-4663. Good Luck and thanks for your comments.

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Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 21st, 2023