- Replacing ceramic floor tiles


Have you had the misfortune to drop a heavy object on your ceramic tile floor, cracking a tile?

When installing a ceramic tile floor it is important to store a few spare tiles in a safe place for the day when you may have to replace one. Otherwise you may be faced with a loosing battle trying to find a matching tile of the same dye lot. To replace the tile - first drill a 1/2" hole in the centre of the damaged tile using a carbide tipped drill bit, then scribe an x through the tile from corner to corner using a glass cutter. Make sure you use all safety precautions - gloves, safety glasses, and dust mask. With a 1/16 nail set inserted into the 1/2" hole and holding the nail set at 45 degree angle to the face of the tile tap with a hammer removing all the pieces. Clean the grout line area with a drywall knife or rigid putty knife. Set replacement tile in cavity to check the size and direction of the pattern. Apply a coat of Weldbond adhesive to the cavity and to the back of the replacement tile. Mix a slurry of Weldbond cement and apply a thin coat to the tile cavity and replace the tile pressing it into place and removing any glue that seeps out. Rake the grout line clean. After 8 hours replace the grout. When the grout has cured, stain with matching grout sealer stain.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024