- Installing ceramic tile on an uneven floor


Dear Shell,

We are planning on installing ceramic tile in our 220sq.ft. kitchen/back entry. The floor joists change direction in the middle of the kitchen floor due to a cantilever bay window leaving us with a high spot in the middle of the floor. The vinyl flooring is lifting and separating and the K3 board underneath may have some water damage. We have considered removing the subfloor and planing the floor joists level or just sanding the subfloor level with a power sander. What is the best plan or should we look at hardwood flooring rather than ceramic?

Thanks, Dave

Dear Dave,

1. You must remove vinyl and K3 board.

2. This can be done by setting your circular saw at 3/8 and grinding the floor at 12x12 squares and then tearing it up with a crow bar.

3. Apply wire expanded lath over entire floor area using staples. Apply mortar thin set over entire wire mesh area (leveling at the same time). This adds structural integrity to the subfloor.

4. Apply your ceramic tile over.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023