- Installing Ceramic Floor Tile Over Concrete


Dear Shell,

I am planning on installing ceramic tile on a basement concrete floor, and I have a concern about the low spots under the walls. I am concerned that these low spots will end up being a ditch if I ever have water in the basement. The walls are not up yet, so I was wondering if I should install the tiles before the walls (basically to build up the area under the walls) or to just not worry about the gaps under the wall... Your help to do this job right would be much appreciated.

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Dear Mark,

If you are setting tiles over the entire floor, you will find it easier to build the walls and install them after you have laid the floor. But remember, you will have to drill and anchor your bottom wall plates. Another tip for best results, apply a no-fracture membrane over the concrete floor first before setting your ceramic tiles. By installing this membrane, if your concrete floor ever cracks it won't crack your ceramic tiles too. For more information on the no-fracture membrane call Schulter Systems 1-800-667-8746.

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July 15th, 2024