- Cleaning the concrete around a pool


Dear Shell,

We have an outdoor in-ground pool that was here when we bought our house. The outside area around the pool is concrete. It has been getting green/black and looks awful. Can this be cleaned and then stained. I once tried concrete paint on an outdoor walkway and then it started flaking off and just looked awful. Will stain work? I would like to make it all a uniform colour. The concrete area by the house which is under a roof projection is a different colour than the part outside.

Thanks, Maureen

Dear Maureen,

Wash the entire area using muriatic acid to etch the concrete. DO NOT do this in the heat of the day! Then wash the concrete using my Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula powder (heavy-duty mix). DO NOT use pressure washer. Rinse well. Use a concrete acrylic binder and brush it over entire area. The area can still be damp from rinsing. Mix Bonded Topping Mix to a thin slurry and puddle onto the surface and broom into place using a patio broom. After one week apply a concrete stain available at most paint stores.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024