- Cleaning cherry wood cabinets


Dear Shell,

How do we clean cherry wood cabinets? They have a thin coat of lacquer. They have had very little cleaning. They are about 20 years old. What do we do after they are cleaned? Oil them?

Thanks, Seig

Dear Seig,

1. Using Superfine (0000) Steel Wool rub the entire cabinets down with mineral spirits and wipe clean with white absorbent cloth.

2. Wash cabinets with Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula (powder form) medium strength and rinse well.

3. Apply BriWax Light Brown with Superfine (0000) Steel Wool; rub with the grain of

the wood top to bottom. Polish with soft cloth to a very serviceable finish.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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October 4th, 2023