- Clothes Dryer Maintenance


Once a year, disconnect the moisture exhaust duct from the dryer and clean it out. It should be free of lint, dust and pet hair and should be completely round (not kinked) to ensure that products of combustion (if it is a natural gas dryer) and warm moist air are effectively exhausted to the outside.

Go outside and check that the duct opening is clear and that your flapper is moving freely. Birds and small animals have been known to live in them. Placing wood or equipment in front of the duct can block the vent causing the moveable shutters to be plugged with lint.

If you have an electric dryer, replace the old vent with a vent that has a floating shuttle which will allow warm moist air and lint from the dryer to escape while preventing cold, heat and insects from entering. This product is available at Home Hardware.

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June 21st, 2024