- Adding a colonial touch to your existing doors


Dark wood finish interior doors don't hold a candle compared to the new styled panel doors such as colonial and heritage doors. Would you like to update your doors?

You can achieve a colonial or heritage door appearance by adding a crown moulding to the face of the door with small finishing nails or contact cement. First wash the doors well with a trisodium phosphate solution. Rinse well with clear water and lightly sand to remove sheen from existing finish. Apply crown moulding in desired pattern and fill any imperfections around moulding and nail holes with a light weight spackling compound. Apply two coats of water-based urethane using a nylon or polyester brush.

Light weight spackling compound such as Dap Fast-N-Final, Waterbased urethane such as Flecto Diamond Finish or Benjamin Moore Stay Clear. There you have it from old to new.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024