- Condensation problems on your windows


Dear Shell,

How do I get the condensation out of my windows? We use a wood stove for heat and our windows are double pane. The condensation forms in all of the windows on our main and upper level, but not in the basement where the wood stove is located. Any tips you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shelley

Dear Shelley,

Your description of the windows indicates that you have double-glazed units meaning that you have two panes of glass to open to the outside. To stop the moisture getting to the outside pane of glass and condensing apply removable Draft Stopper caulking by Bull Dog. You can then remove it in the spring. This will stop the moisture from leaking to the outside panes.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024