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Dear Shell,

I regularly listen to you on the radio and I often follow your homeowner advice. I have a question though that I haven't heard addressed. We have recently completed constructing a new home and have a sizeable amount of sawdust leftover. We were hoping to mix in into the soil around the home to hold the moisture so we can seed lawn in the area. Will sawdust help? What effect will it have on the soil? I look forward to your response.

Thank you,


Dear Linda,

Sawdust from untreated wood such as spruce, fir, hemlock or cedar will not harm your garden or lawn area. The moisture in the soil will decompose the wood fibers into the soil base. As far as fertilizer value of any kind there will be none. Caution Do Not use any treated wood sawdust for garden or lawn purposes. Also Do Not burn any sawdust from treated lumber. To dispose of treated lumber sawdust place in plastic bag and drop off at garbage disposal landfill site for proper disposal process.

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July 15th, 2024