- Stopping that annoying drip drip sound coming from your gutters


Have you been awakened or bothered by a steady drip drip drip sound coming from your gutter down spouts?

Eavestrough or gutter down spouts can be very annoying when you hear that drip drip sound getting louder and louder in the dead of the night. This will happen when gutters are installed at locations where there is little or no overhang requiring elbows to run the water back to the side of the house and down. When this happens, water is allowed to run directly from the gutter straight into the vertical down pipe, sometimes dropping 8 feet before being directed by an elbow to the receiving gutters or perimeter drainage system to the storm sewer. The elbow at the end of the drop causes the problem because the water changes direction and it makes a loud dripping sound. To correct this take a length of brass or galvanized 1" link chain and dangle down through the down pipe to the elbow, securing the chain by putting a 6" galvanized common nail through a link and bridging the downspout opening placing the chain at the side of the gutter. This will force the water to run down the chain breaking the fall and silencing the dripping sound. If water is entering the downspout from both sides you will have to loop the chain and place it at both sides to break the fall.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024