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Dear Shell,

I work for a yard maintenance company and I get numerous inquiries about driveway sealing - which we do not do. After referring numerous customers to local driveway paving companies, too many of my customers have reported back to me that they received confusing, incorrect, biased and conflicting information. I would like to pass on proper and constructive information to my customers as I feel that, in general, my customers are getting ripped off with excessive pricing, shoddy workmanship and or unnecessary work. I read your 'one' response to another inquiry on this subject but it did not give enough information. Many people want driveway sealing done but are not wanting, willing or able to do it themselves. This is why they pay others to do the job. My brief research on this subject suggests that there is more than one cold tar sealer on the market as well as many other similar products. Why do you suggest a cold tar sealer over other products and which particular cold tar sealer is best? (There appears to be many choices) What does the acrylic latex do? Nobody has suggested this to my customers. Is there quality and cost questions that need to be asked about these products? What should a customer definitely stay away from?.....Why? I know that this is not a quick question but so far this spring I have had at least 10 people ask me questions about this (we had a particularly tough winter in regard to freeze and thaw cycles) If I have had 10 customer ask me about this there must be hundreds asking the same. Please choose this question to answer. I don't know where else to get honest answers. Driveway sealing is not a 'glamorous' subject so information seams to be hard to find.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Doug,

Following is my recommended approach to sealing a driveway:

1. Wash the driveway using my Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula (do not do this on sunny day).

2. If Asphalt has never been sealed before consider:

Best Jet Seal by Insulmastic Irly Building Centre

Better Asphalt Cold Tar Sealer Home Hardware Brand

Good Do not recommend one with this rating

3. Apply with Driveway Squeegee or Roller

4. An Acrylic sealer will likely need to be reapplied every 3-4 years.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024