- Our toilet bowl is dry! Why?


Dear Shell,

We have a bathroom downstairs and the other day we noticed that there was no water in the bowl portion of the toilet. We also have a sump pit and pump in the bathroom area as well. We were wondering if when the pump goes on would the water in the toilet bowl evaporate? Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks, Jeff

Dear Jeff,

If your toilet in the downstairs bathroom is used daily it cannot be effected by evaporation. Evaporation could be the cause if used seldom or not at all. If bowl empties over a 24 hour period I would suggest you may have a crack in the toilet bowl trap or your out fall sanitary line has a siphon action taking place possibly due to poor to no venting in the line. Check your toilet roof-venting stack. Your sump pit if properly installed has no effect on this concern.

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Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024