- Saving money on your energy bill


How to reduce the impact of the residential gas rate increase on your gas bill

Here are some suggestions to help you save energy and money:

1. Every degree that you set your thermostat lower will help you save on your heating costs. For example, set your thermostat to 20'C (68'F) when you're home and to 15'C (60'F) when you go to bed or when you're away from home. Tip: Install a programmable thermostat it will easily pay for itself in year-round energy savings.

2. Service and tune your furnace or boiler regularly for safety, efficiency and maximum energy. Tip: We recommend you follow the manufacturer's guidelines, which may include annual maintenance. Also, find a contractor who has been trained on your brand of appliance. If you have a forced air system, clean or replace the filter regularly.

3. Add or upgrade the weatherstripping around exterior doors and replace broken putty around windows. Both are inexpensive ways to keep drafts out.

4. If you are looking for a new heating system, choose a model with a rated efficiency greater than 90%. You'll save money by using less energy. Tip: If you're planning to replace your furnace for the coming winter, have it installed before the cold weather starts. You'll have more time to shop around and your contractor won't be as busy.

5. Choose an energy efficient water heater. A water heater that is well insulated or has a vent damper will save you even more money.

6. Consider upgrading the windows and insulation in your home. These options can have a lengthy payback period, but they'll help you conserve a considerable amount of energy and eliminate drafts. For more energy efficiency ideas, visit our website at www.bcgas.com. Or, ask for a free copy of our energy conservation guide, Hot Tips, by calling 1-800-561-4427.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024