- Fire safety tip


During the cold months it is very important to be aware of fire and conditions that may contribute to causing fires in homes.

We tend to pile things close to heating systems during the warmer months only to let them go unnoticed in the fall and winter until they can become a fire hazard. This is in areas such as the furnace, fireplace, chimney, gas hot water tanks, boilers, dryers etc.

Before the heating season, always check around the areas in the basement, garage and laundry rooms for potential fire hazards.

For instance the clothes dryer vent should be vacuumed and the duct to the outside clear of any lint that could plug the exhaust duct backing up into the dryer and causing a dryer fire.

Remove and replace all batteries in smoke and fire detectors. This should always be done on the anniversary of each year.

Mark it on your calendar NOW!!

If you haven't purchased a C.O. (Carbon Monoxide) detector as of yet please do it now for it may be your lifesaver. Purchase the digital plug in model with battery back up.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024