- Preparing a rock fireplace for painting


We would like to paint a rock fireplace? How would we prepare the surface and what type of paint should be used? It is a wood burning fireplace.

1. If the surface of the brick or stone is stained with black soot around the fire box this must be removed before painting. To remove soot use a foam oven cleaner such as Arm & Hammer or Mr. Muscle. Wear Proper protective clothing and safety eye wear. Protect the hearth and floor with old towels. Dampen the face of the fireplace with a wet sponge and apply foam oven spray. After 2-3 minutes scrub with brush and rinse off with sponge and warm water.

2. Complete the washing of the entire fireplace with my SHELL BUSEY CLEANING FORMULA (heavy duty mix) and rinse well with clean cool water.

3. Using a best quality Acrylic Latex Stucco paint give the entire facing one coat starting at the bottom and working up from side to side. Use a brush to paint the mortar joints and a heavy nap roller to do the face. NOTE: If the brick or stone is very porous use a trigger spray bottle to dampen the surface before applying paint. This stops the absorption of the paint and gives better coverage.

Use paints such as: Envirocoat - Available at General Paint, Behr Masonry and Stucco Paint, Benjamin Moore Moorgard Acrylic Latex

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023