- The fan on our furnace runs all the time


Dear Shell,

We have moved into a new home and the furnace runs continually. The furnace is a Trane 2 stage. I have been told to replace the thermostat in order to shut the fan off but I do not want to use a programmable one. Please let me know what you suggest.

Thank you,


Dear Maggie,

Your furnace is running as it should with a two stage two speed motor (do not shut the fan off). If you feel an inflow of cold air during the non-heat cycle, you could have your furnace technician install a Hoyme Damper on your make up air duct. The Hoyme Damper will prevent the inflow of cold air during the non-heat cycle. Call Hoyme Manufacturing 1-800-661-7382 for more information and ask for Cliff. Also, if the fan is blowing too hard, the next time you have your furnace serviced you may be able to have the technician adjust your fan speed and slow it down to a more comfortable level.

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May 19th, 2024