- I am replacing my furnace, are some of the available options necessary?


Dear Shell,

I am replacing the furnace in my home which is 23 yrs old bungalow (1230 sq ft) with a finished basement The attic insulation has recently been upgraded to R40 however the walls are still R12. Approximately half the windows have been upgraded (triple glazed & low-e) the others are still the aluminum sliders (they will be changed next year). Having listened to your show on the radio I asked the question from the HVAC Co. about flexible transitions and turning vanes in the return air. They gave me the answer that these were not a high priority because today's furnaces were much quieter and smoother running and should have no vibration. The use of variable speed motor and 2 stage furnaces should eliminate the need for turning vanes (they tell me that when the ducts fill with pressure that the air will flow smoothly). My question is how important are these things to the efficient operation of the furnace. One other item would be Types of filter system maybe you could give me a good, better, best opinion.

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Dear Horace,

I question your HVAC contractor for air pressure in the ducts has nothing to do with turning veins. The turning veins change the direction of the air within a radiused duct to allow air to pass over filter face more evenly. Furnace filters 4 or 6 high efficient pleated type I.E. April Aire would be one of your best choices.

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June 21st, 2024