- Preparing kitchen cabinets for painting and glazing


Dear Shell,

About 1 year ago I sanded and washed my kitchen cabinets primed and painted using melamine paint, then glazed with a transparent glaze solution. The cabinets have now yellowed and I find that they are easily chipped. I would like to remove glaze, melamine and primer and start over again. Please tell me how to proceed and what product to use for the best result. Originally the cabinets were dark brown and I changed them to white.

Thanks, Joy

Dear Joy,

Wow I am sorry you didn't come to me first for some tips. Here we go! To strip the cabinets use “Organic Stripper” by Bio Wash. Using wallpaper water trays pour the stripper into the tray and dip 1 end of the door in the tray brush stripper up the door until coated. Invert and do the same on the other end. After five minutes use a stripping pad to remove the finish and rinse with water. For more info please call Bio Wash @ 1-800-858-5011.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024