- Goose Poop on the Roof!


Dear Shell,

I am on the Strata Council of a town home complex in Abbotsford. We are near a pond and geese often deposit their droppings on the town home roofs. Some owners have expressed concerns that the droppings will damage the shingles, which in our case are fibreglass. Is there any truth to this, or any reason for concern?

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Dear Gordon,

Droppings from any bird fowl will make a mess of a roof and does not do it any good because of the ammonia content. My suggestion is to stop feeding the geese if this is being done. As well, you might consider installing a motion-activated sprinkler called the Scarecrow. It is available from Contech Electronics call 1-800-767-8658. These devices will not harm the geese but will discourage them from sitting on the roof.

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Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024