- Gutter repair

Straight Overlap Seam Repair:


Using EPDM Peel & Stick

1. Ensure that gutter is clean

2. Must be dry

3. Lightly sand with 200 grit sand paper

4. Peel back 8 - 12" EPDM Peel & Stick and apply to seam

5. EPDM must extend 6 - 8" over seam both ways

6. Use hair dryer to keep EPDM flexible

EDPM Peel 7 Stick ie: Protecto Wrap, Quaker Brand can be purchased at roofing distributors.

Tremco Instant Patch method and EPDM Peel and Stick method will work for either corners or overlap seams.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024