- Info on Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)


Dear Shell,

I am going to install a HRV in a new home and would like to know the difference between the various brands and the pros and cons of the differences (i.e. plastic core verses aluminum, what type of filters they use and how easy are they to change, how efficient they are, etc.) and I can't seem to find any comparison data. Do you know where I could find this data?



Dear Rob,

HRV's as you know are made by many different manufactures (good, better, best). I have used Eneready as well as the Lifebreath brand. Please call David Hill at Eneready Products at 1-604-433-5697 and/or Scott Harrison at Lifebreath at 1-250-715-1963 and they will give you all the details about their particular units. Ask about the use of a HEPA Filter used in conjunction with their HRV units.

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September 21st, 2023