- Hockey player damages garage doors


Dear Shell,

We have holes (put there by our 11 yr old hockey player!!!) in a couple of the panels of our garage door. We were told we could replace the panels but can't figure out how to do that. They are like plywood (?) and are just nailed in. They house is only 10 years old, so the garage door isn't that old. Could you help us if you can, with any suggestions on repairing the doors?

Thank-you for your time, Cathie

Dear Cathie,

First of all, give that future NHL star of yours a two-minute penalty for roughing!

If your garage door panels are in fact made from plywood, take the exact measurements and get your local building supply store to cut replacement pieces for you (unless you can do this yourself). You'll have to remove the nails and any panel stops (from the back side). Remove the damaged panel, install the new panel and replace the stops or moulding that holds the panel in place.

If however, the door is made of colonial raised panels, you will have to replace the entire panel of your sectional door. These can be purchased at your local garage door supplier or if they're not available locally, call The Door Pro at 1-888-535-4040.

It's just that easy

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024