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Dear Shell,

I recently moved into a new condominium, which has a dehumidifier switch outside the bathroom door. It is set around 50. What is the correct # it should be set at. When using my shower I always turn on the fan and leave it on for 1 hour afterwards to exhaust humidity but the dehumidifier goes on when I am cooking (yes fan above oven is on) or when I have the balcony door or a window open. It is becoming very annoying. When it comes on, how long can I leave it on? I worry that it might get hot and overheat. Also I have Honeywell thermostats in all of the room. The room temperature seems to be around 18 and 20 in each room but feels rooms feel drafty. The thermostats will not come on until they are turned on to 20 and then they will not stay on. In order for these to stay on, I have to turn to 25+. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jo-Ann

Dear Jo-Ann,

When the fan comes on leave it on until it shuts itself off. They are designed to run continuously days weeks if need be. They will not overheat. It is very important to let the fan run to exhaust the moisture. Your dehumidistat setting should be as follows: Summer leave setting at 60% .Winter Outside Temperature Dehumidistat Setting: 0c 40% -5c 35% -10c 30%. It would be to your advantage to convert your multi metal strip thermostats to electronic thermostats. They are much more efficient. Call Honeywell @ 1-800-405-9835 for information.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 21st, 2023