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Dear Shell,

We live near Riding Mountain National Park; we have humidity problems in our home up and downstairs. I have a large dehumidifier in the basement, this helps, but the air is stale, down there. What is the difference between, a humidex and dehumidifier, would it be better for us? My son and I have extreme allergies and asthma after moving here 10 years ago from Sask. Can you have a central air conditioner, with a Humidex? Are both necessary? I have installed a bathroom fan and range hood, both vented to the outside, to try and get rid of some of the moisture.

Thanks, Bobbi

Dear Bobbi,

A dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air but not the odours. The Humidex system is by far the best approach to dehumidifying as well it will vent odours to the outside allowing fresh air to be drawn in through air leaks as well as make up air vents. Contact the Humidex dealer in Winnipeg @ 204-783-7115. Yes, you can use Humidex with central air conditioning. Good Luck

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July 15th, 2024