- Increasing air supply into your home


Dear Shell,

We used to have 2 Fishers stoves in our house. One in the basement and one in the kitchen. We had our house sided last year and then put on Tyveck, new windows and siding. Then our stove in the kitchen started to smoke but not the basement. So we went out and got some new stoves from Pacific Energy and the same thing is happening. I have a cold air intake direct to the stove 4" and that didn't help so I put in a cold air intake into a decompression pot and that didn't help. So I am wondering if you have any idea what to do ? Thanks a lot. Your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Rocky

Dear Rocky,

It sounds like your home is starving for air. When this happens, you are drawing a negative pressure in your home. When both stoves are operating you are not supplying adequate air for combustion. Open a door window into the room when burning to see if the smoking stops. If it does, bingo! You need more make up air. Have a ventilation technician look into this.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023