- Should I Insulate Our Cabin?


Dear Shell,

We are planning to build a cabin. A few weeks ago you mentioned on the radio that we should not put a vapor barrier if the cabin was not going to be heated in the winter. We do plan on using the cabin during the winter on the odd weekend and would use wood heat. We listen to you on 630 Ched and do enjoy the program. Thank you in advance for your help.



Dear Bev,

If you plan to use the cabin in the winter then it makes sense to insulate it.

To insulate your cabin, use Krona Foil insulation using staples to apply it to the studs. As you install the insulation, crease it with your fingers to push the foil in approximately 1 inch towards the center of the stud. Ensure that all seams are sealed with foil tape. When you decide to apply drywall or paneling, simply nail or screw to the studs.

To learn more about Krona Insulation or to locate a retailer near you, please visit their website at www.krona.ca

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Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024