- Insulation


Check your house for poor insulation. Poorly insulated roofs, basement walls, floors over crawlspaces and outside walls allow a direct flow of heat to the outside. Insulation is like putting a giant sleeping bag around your house. Insulating materials are rated by their resistance to heat flow. The higher the rating or R value the better the material.

Start insulating in the attic and the basement to yield the greatest energy savings for money spent. The most commonly used types of insulation are blankets and batts, loose fill (hand poured or machine blown into place) or rigid insulation boards which are often used for basement walls.

Make sure the attic access hatch is insulated, tightly closed and weatherstripped. Since it is a large opening, a great deal of heat can readily escape into the attic.

Buy CSA approved foam pads to fit between cover plates and receptacles of electrical outlets. Turn off the power before installing.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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May 19th, 2024