- Moisture control in the crawlspace


Dear Shell,

I have a musty smell in my crawl space and basement. I noticed that one of our crawlspaces have no vents and the other crawl space has only one vent. Could you please advise me on whether I should have a two-vent crawl space or install a humidifier. Also, how should the vapor barrier be installed in the crawlspace ? Should it be on the walls only or none at all ?

Thanks, Karim

Dear Karim,

Crawlspaces collect damp air during the summer months from high water tables as well as from moisture wicking up through the concrete walls and floors. Moisture lying in the lower area of your crawlspace will cause mould giving off a musty smell. Your best remedy is to install a Humidex crawlspace exhaust venting system. Call Vancouver Humidity Control at 604-507-0269 or call the manufacture at 1-800-416-9111 for info. Vapour barrier should be placed on the inside of your walls and joist rimmer area next to your sub floor plywood. Call Resources Canada 1-800-387-2000 for a free book called Keeping the Heat in.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024