- Moss on the Roof


Dear Shell,

We are preparing to have our roof treated with moss killer this summer and noticed that you recommend Thomson Spray Services. I have called around to a couple places - and Thomsonís is considerably more expensive is there any reason to avoid some of these other companies? The price difference is 60% more! The company I'm considering is Clean-Seal Environmental Canada, so my question is does Thomson's do something special that the others donít?



Dear Steve,

Thomson Spray Services have been part of my referral for six years now and have always done excellent work. I have no knowledge of the other company and as such, am unable to compare. Thomsonís give a 3-year warranty with all their work. You might check to see if the other companies offer the same guarantee and make sure that they have appropriate WCB and insurance coverage. As always, compare apples to apples.

Itís just that easy

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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March 21st, 2019