- Quieting noisy floor joists


Dear Shell,

We are in the process of replacing our floors, removing carpets and lino and replacing with hardwood and ceramic tiles. I have had some squeaks in the floor and am trying to get rid of them. I screwed the plywood down, it was originally nailed however the squeaks are still there. I think the squeaks are coming from the floor joists but I am at a loss at what to do to stop the squeaks any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Robert

Dear Robert

If your ceiling is open underneath strap the underside of the floor joists using 1x4 on 16 centres. This reinforces joists taking out the bounce. Using a product called Countersnap screw the floor where the squeaks persist. Available by calling Build It Marketing at 1-888-266-8806. Call 9am 5pm PST.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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May 19th, 2024