- Paint will not stick to caulking!


Dear Shell,

About 5 years ago we decided to paint our living room paneling but it had gaps where the paneling met the wall and the ceiling so it was caulked with what appears to be an unpaintable caulking. The caulking has now turned an off-white color and I want to repaint the paneling but no paint will stick to the caulking. Do I have to remove the old caulking and recaulk or is there something I can use on the existing caulking to make it paintable? Thanks so much for all your great home improvement tips that I have used very successfully.

Regards, Gail

Dear Gail,

Apply a coat of paintable silicone over top of existing caulking and allow it to dry. Prime with all-purpose alkyd primer and finish with a coat of acrylic latex.

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Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024