- Preparing unsightly areas in your house for painting


Dear Shell,

My husband and I recently purchased a home and plan to paint several of the rooms. The problem is, the previous owners painted over some big messes. For example, in several places there are globs of unsanded plaster and in the living room, you can see where wallpaper once was half way up the wall because the glue was never washed off before painting. How can we remove these messes to get a fresh finish? Do you know of any painting techniques, which are textured and may hide some of these flaws?

Thanks, Stacey

Dear Stacey,

1. There are a number of faux finishes you could consider that would blend quite nicely with patches of this nature. Check out your local paint store i.e. General Paint or Benjamin Moore.

2. By using a Vacu Sander and screen sand paper with your shop vac sand walls thoroughly then prime with an alkyd primer and finish with acrylic latex interior wall finish.

3. Also you could use Fibre Texture Wall Finish available at home building centres.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024