- Preparing fireplace brick for painting


Dear Shell,

I would like to paint the interior brickwork around our fireplace. The brick is a yellowish colour but has discoloured over time. There is also a whitish staining that appears to be caused by moisture coming through the brick. We have sealed up the chimney as we put in a gas insert this past winter and there does not appear to be any leaks. Should I paint the brick? If so, should I seal the brick before I paint? What is the best procedure and what products could I use?

Thanks, Mavis

Dear Mavis,

1. Wash fireplace brick with T.S.P. and rinse well.

2. Allow to dry.

3. Using a spray bottle spray on Evercrete to seal efflorescence into brick and allow to dry.

4. Dampen surface of brick with water spray bottle.

5. Apply exterior acrylic latex paint starting with mortar seams roll flat surfaces of brick with Whizz roller.

6. Apply 2 nd coat 12 hours later no dampening is required.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024