- Cleaning and painting concrete walls


As the soil settles around the foundation of our home the black tar on the concrete is showing. The area is dry. I would like to paint the concrete, what product will adhere to it?


Do not try to remove black tar off of concrete walls with any petroleum solvents as this will liquefy the tar allowing it to penetrate deeper into the concrete.


First dig a trench along the wall at least 6" deeper than the grade level. Using my home cleaning formula wash the area . First dampen the wall with a garden hose and then apply the formula with a low pressure sprayer (garden sprayer). Allow to sit a couple of minutes, scrub with brush or broom and hose off. Use an exterior acrylic based masonry paint. Before applying the first coat dampen well with water. Apply second coat 24 hours later on a dry surface

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023