- Power washing a condo complex


Dear Shell,

I live in a strata-titled high-rise concrete condominium, which is scheduled to be power washed on its exterior. This will be the second time. The first washing resulted in some damage to not only the paint, but to the concrete surface. Would you recommend that power washing be done at all on such a building? The first washing also necessitated a huge cleanup of all the black material (removed from the building) on owners' balconies. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated, as I am concerned as an owner, that the damage to the exterior may eventually cause possible leaking in one of the few buildings left that does not have this problem already.

Thanks Shell!


Dear Lynda,

The power washing of concrete by a professional power wash service using an environmentally safe detergent cleaner will not harm the concrete. Damage is usually done when amateur power wash employees are used with no cleaning formula and they tend to use too much pressure damaging the concrete surface. I would recommend a concrete sealer be used when cleaning is complete. Contact Universal Concrete Accessories for this sealer information 604-299-8551. The balconies should be done at the same time the building is being cleaned but in the case of a strata, unfortunately not everyone is home at the time. Use my Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula for individual clean up.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 21st, 2023