- Preparing drywall for paint


We are putting up new drywall. After taping and sanding how long should we leave it before painting? How do we prepare the drywall for paint, should we use a primer or sizing?


1. After drywall board has been installed wipe the entire face down with a damp sponge. This is to remove the talc that is put between the sheets of drywall so that the paper does not roll when splitting the sheets apart. This talc should not be painted over.

2. Drywall taping compound must be left to cure a minimum of twelve hours before sanding.

3. For outside and inside corners use paper with metal beads such as softline beads made by CSR SYNKO.

Preparing for paint:
Depending on the time of year ie. winter months it could take up to six months for the drywall to cure completely. In summer months with windows open it drys much quicker.

For best results allow the joints to cure for one week and then use L.I.P.S. (latex interior primer sealer). This allows the joints to cure through the primer.

CAUTION: If oil or alkyd primers are used you could end up with bubbles on the seams because of trapped moisture.

After using L.I.P.S. use a best quality interior acrylic latex wall paint. For bathrooms use kitchen and bath urethanes.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023