- Refinishing your deck


Dear Shell,

Our deck paint or stain (we're not sure which) is peeling and wearing. We would like to remove it and refinish the wood, which by the way, is pressure treated. How would you suggest we do this, and what would you recommend we use to re-surface it? We would like to match the colour of our house trim. I listen to your show often, and I know you have covered this problem before, but I can't remember what you said.

Thanks, Doug

Dear Doug,

First, remove the existing stain with Bio Wash Stripex-L. Follow with a wash using Mill Glaze Remover. Over the treated wood it is best to use Bio Wash Natural Deck Oil, often called the “one day deck”. Call 1-800-858-5011 for info on who stocks the product in your area.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023