- Removing linoleum glue from a concrete floor


Dear Shell,

I have removed the old linoleum from concrete floor with a metal scrapper, it was not a fun job, and there is still a residue of what appears to be asphalt based glue left behind. I would like to know if there is something that can be used to remove this from the concrete. Failing that, is there any harm putting new flooring, rug, lino or wood over residue ?

Thanks, Garth

Dear Garth,

1. You would have been better to leave the old vinyl flooring in place.

2. Using a heat gun, heat area and scrape as much of the glue as possible away.

3. Flooring stores stock a primer to apply over the adhesive before new vinyl is installed.

4. If carpet or laminate flooring is used nothing further is required.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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October 4th, 2023