- Removing Oil Stains from Concrete Driveways


Oil or grease allowed to sit for any length of time on concrete will be very difficult to wipe up as it penetrates deep into the porous surface of the concrete. To remove the stain, you must first clean the entire concrete driveway as you don't want to leave a clean spot when you remove the oil or grease spill.

To clean the concrete, use my Shell Busey Cleaning solution available at most building supply stores. Purchase a name brand oil and grease remover such as Castrol, Knights, Kryton, Insulmatic etc. While the concrete is damp from cleaning, pour the oil and grease remover over the oil spot and agitate it with a coarse bristle brush. Now, saturate an old terry towel in the oil and grease remover wringing out the excess solution and lay the terry towel over the damp spot and cover with a piece of poly plastic.

Leave this for 2-3 hours. The poly plastic keeps the solution from evaporating giving the oil and grease solution time to go deep into the terry towel. Finally, remove the plastic and wipe up with the terry towel and and rinse with a hose.

Caution: Wear protective gloves and eye wear when scrubbing with cleaning solution.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024