- Removing subfloor and preparing to lay new flooring


Dear Shell,

Help !! I have a subfloor that was incorrectly installed on a large ground-level family room. Half the floor has K2 board glued (hard and fast) to the concrete. The other half of the floor has plywood glued (very poorly) to the concrete. On the plywood end, there are sections that move up and down when you walk on them. An effort was made to screw the plywood to the concrete after the glue failed. Some screws held ok but one seems to have broken the concrete. I am worried about the concrete breaking with the number of screws that would have to be put in. The floor had been finished with linoleum prior to the glue failing. I want to put in a new floor. Should I try to take out the old subfloor? If so, how do I get the glued down parts off? Should I use more screws? Can you recommend anyone in the Coquitlam area who is good with subfloors? It is a mess!

Thanks, Ann

Dear Ann,

Your explanation outlines reasons to definitely remove all the existing underlay particle board, K-3 and plywood. I suggest you use Delta Fl with 5/8 T&G plywood on top secured with fasteners designed to hold the system down to concrete. This can be a do it yourself project or can be done professionally. For further information on Delta FL contact Basement Systems at (604)-581-1115.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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July 15th, 2024