- Removing vinyl liners from the bottom of cupboards


How can MacTac vinyl type liners be removed from the bottom of cupboards? It is adhered to what appears to be an unpainted sound grade plywood.

Shelf paper and printed mactac was used for many years for cabinet facing, shelf liners, drawer liners and table tops as a quick cover.

To remove apply the heat from a hair dryer holding it approximately one foot away from the surface. Start pulling on an edge working it off the surface. CAUTION: Don't get the heat too close, you do not want to melt the plastic.

Once you have removed the mactac wash the surface with contact cement solvent to remove any sticky residue. Finish by washing with a household detergent and rinsing well.

To remove window decals and auto dealer decals use the same process. Heat with hair dryer until decal releases and then clean area up with contact cement solvent.

Note: Contact cement solvent must be solvent base NOT water base.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023