- Revitalizing your kitchen cabinets


Your dark kitchen cabinets don't look new anymore and you would like to lighten up the colour to give your kitchen a modern look?

First let me say, that the process of changing your cabinet colour the easy way is not a fast way. First purchase a water based paint and varnish stripper such as 3M's Safest Stripper. Remove hardware from the doors and drawers. Pour a quantity of the stripper into a wallpaper water tray. Stand the door or drawer in the tray and brush on the paint and varnish stripper. Using a paint stripping pad ie. 3M brand remove all paint or varnish. After the stripping process rinse well with clear water and allow to dry. Next you will use a wood bleach (not laundry bleach). Wood bleach is a two part bleaching solution available at your specialty paint store or home centre. After the bleaching process of removing the dark stain, wash down with a trisodium phosphate solution (1 tablespoon trisodium phosphate in 1 quart warm water). Rinse well with clear water and allow to dry overnight. To finish, use a water-based urethane semi-gloss clear or you may want to use one of the new pastel semi-transparent colours.

Water based urethane: Flecto Diamond Elite Finish

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023