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Dear Shell,

I have a question for you about asphalt shingles and the problem of trying to have the manufacturer stand behind their guarantee. We moved into our new house in April 1992 and received a guarantee document showing our shingles were guaranteed for 25 years. Two years ago it became obvious that the shingles had to be replaced. My first letter went to BP Products in August 2000 and sent a further letter Feb. 2001.Two different Emco representatives have called and claimed that the fault was with the builder for not having enough ventilation and that the shingles were installed incorrectly. My builder has sent them a letter stating that the shingles and insulation were installed by professionals and were inspected by the local building inspector. We have been told by a number of local people that we may as well replace the shingles ourselves because shingle manufacturers will find some excuse for not standing behind their guarantee. We know of at least a dozen homes that have replaced their shingles in the last two years on houses that were 10 or less years old and we don't know of any that received any help from the shingle manufacturer. I lived over 60 years in Manitoba and N.W. Ontario and have never had to replaced a roof. In last house we lived in for 20 years we had cold winters with large ice build ups in the eves trough, heavy hail storms, once hail stones over golf ball size and summer temperatures well over 30 degrees. We had no problem with our roof. Is our and many other peoples, just a B.C. problem. And have you heard other similar problems?

Regards, Ian

Dear Ian,

Your problem is quite common and yes the manufactures comments are correct. Roof ventilation is very important otherwise the roofing membrane heats up in the summer and freezes in the winter with inadequate venting of the roof cavity. All our HouseSmart roofing is installed by GAF Certified Roofing Applicators trained and guaranteed by the manufacturer. Ask for GAF assistance with your new roof. For more information, call HouseSmart Renovations in Burnaby at 604-434-0773.

It's just that easy.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 21st, 2023