- Scuffed Up Linoleum Floor


Dear Shell,

Our kitchen linoleum was installed approx. 11 years ago. At the time, we installed a subfloor and used a leveling compound before glueing the lino down. Due to heavy traffic the floor appears scuffed. No amount of scrubbing and elbow grease along with cleaners has been able to take the scuffing off. Is there any way I can strip the old finish off and redo the floor myself? We have a large kitchen area and replacing the old lino is not an option at this time. Help?


Dear Josephine

Wash the floor using the Shell Busey Home cleaning formula, rinse it well and allow it to dry completely. Apply two coats of water base gloss urethane. Caution: You must allow at least 24 hours curing time between coats and before allowing any heavy movement or furniture on it. Apply felt protectors to chairs and any other moveable pieces of furniture in order to protect the finish. When scrubbing and cleaning, always use a liquid cleaner.

It's Just That Easy!

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 21st, 2023