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Dear Shell,

After 24 years it is time to replace my shake roof. The type I have now is the 24" long heavy duty type. Today there are so many options so it is difficult to make a choice. My main concern is to purchase a roof of good quality that will be fairly trouble free. One individual I have checked with has suggested either taper sawn shakes or a duroid brand called Elk Material. This is a new product I believe. Can you give me your opinion of a good roof for this climate?

Thank you, Helen

Dear Helen,

The two choices you mention are totally different from one another. To replace your cedar shake roof with another cedar roof, the taper sawn would be a good choice and even better would be to have them treated before installation.

The duroid Elk brand or GAF brand shingles would be my choice, especially when you consider the 40-year warranty of the fiberglass-laminated membrane. Note: Plywood roof sheathing will be required. The use of a GAF Approved Applicator will assure you of the best installation and industry leading warranties. Call the HouseSmart Centre at 604-542-2236 or toll free at 1-888-266-8806 for the name of the GAF Approved Roofing Applicator in your area.

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July 16th, 2024