- Upgrading single glazed windows


Are you living in a home that was built pre-1975, where you had single glazed glass installed in white or brown or a standard mill finish aluminum frame, costing you many dollars of energy during those cold winter months?

With the cost of energy today it is very important to consider upgrading the windows in your home as up to 1/3 of the energy lost during the winter months will go right out the window. Upgrading windows of the single glazed nature can be done in a number of ways; first, by adding inside storm windows. Inside storm windows can be installed with aluminum frames or vinyl frames, vinyl would be my first choice as vinyl is an insulator. Glass used in the storm panels can be of the low E quality which is a coated glass to give you more energy efficiency. Some companies today are offering the service of removing the single glazed glass and installing in its place insul-glass, which is either 3/8" thickness or 1/2" thickness. You might just check your local glazing stores to see if they do have that service available. When you install inside storm windows or insul-glass in your existing windows you can upgrade your window quality by 50 percent thus saving you many dollars and paying for the improvement over a short period of time.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023