- Cleaning the slate hearth on the front of a fireplace


How do I clean a slate hearth on the front of a fireplace?

First some tips on slate surfaces:

1. Never use a hard or liquid wax on slate. If you have done so, you will find white rings forming under potted plants or where coffee mugs may have been set.

2. Do not use cleaning solutions such as spray on dust removers.

3. Never shellac or varnish slate to accomplish a shiny surface. To clean white marks or smudges from slate first protect the floor surface using a drop sheet under the hearth. Mix a strong solution of T.S.P. or my home cleaning formula and hot water. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES. Apply generously with a sponge, allow to sit for 3-5 minutes and scrub with a pot scrubber pad (not steel wool). Rinse well with clear cool water. Allow to dry, you may speed the drying up by using a hair dryer.

Apply two liberal coats of QUADRA STONE'S SLATE GLOSS or if not available in your area use water based URETHANE such as Flecto Diamond Finish or Benjamin Moore's Staysclear.

Note: Some homeowners may want to paint their hearth to match a room trim colour. This can be done by using any acrylic latex porch and floor enamel over top of the water based urethane.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024